We provide:
1. LED & LCD (55″, 65″) Strand Kiosk (indoor/Outdoor) solution by ZhongBo

2. Touch Screen Solution
    – IR, Capacity Touch solution by ZhongBo
    – AI Glass Touch by PQLabs (perfect for windows shopping)

3. Interactive Solution
    – VR machine (by NINED). AR & MR solution on apple iPAD & Microsoft Hololens by MacroKinetic

4. Hologram Display (Hologram display wall solution)

5. Digital Signage Management System by MacroKinetic

6. WayFinding/Smart Customer Services Solution
Smart 2D/3D Map & Way Finding, Mobile WayFinding over cloud
– Chatbot
Video Conference to Customer Services
– Handwriting input by 汉王
– Speech to Text

7. iBeacon with lighting positioning solution